Planned to take place from 2-4 September, 2022, the upcoming edition of CFOSE INDIA has been rescheduled to 3-5 February,2023 at Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana. The decision to reschedule the event has been driven by Industry Feedback, who consider Ludhiana as an effective epicentre where all the verticals of the Industry can converge to create a more holistic and comprehensive platform.

With more than 50,000 cycles manufactured every day, Ludhiana is considered the hub of bicycle manufacturing in India. According to statistics, Ludhiana produces over 1.5 crore bicycles per annum with the support of around 4,000 small and medium ancillary units. According to AICMA (All India Cycle Manufacturers Association), the Indian bicycle industry proposes to make 60 lakh premium and 30 lakh electric bicycles by 2030. Cycle companies are realising the potential of this emerging market. The bicycle industry in India is expected to re-invent itself by adopting global best practices considering the huge domestic demand and export opportunity. India is the second-largest manufacturer of bicycles in the world and given the global boom in this Industry, manufacturers of bikes and related components are re-organizing supply chains to meet the rising demand and making them more affordable. At present there are 100+ international brands in India and the Industry has the potential to grow 3 times from 1.3 Billion USD to 3.5 Billion USD by 2030. The future of the electric bicycle (e-bike) market in India looks promising with opportunities in the areas of travelling, exercise/fitness, and recreational activities.


With the rescheduling the event goes back to it’s original spring cycle which was disrupted due to the pandemic. Bolstered by encouraging Industry response and the growth of the bicycle Industry, the 2023 event promises to deliver on all fronts. The strategic cooperation with NuernbergMesse India is expected to enhance the quality of the event, both in terms of presentation as well as presence in international markets.


Speaking on the occasion Surinder Brar, Director, Annex Media Marketing Network said, “Today, International bicycle manufacturers have begun to see India as a rising star, a potential market and have started entering the arena through collaborations with their Indian counterparts. CFOSE 2022 will witness the presence of Manufacturers of advanced Cycles, E-Bikes, Fitness, Sports Equipment and Accessories, Fitness and cycling gear, sport leisure products amongst others”.


Sivakumar Venugopal, Group Director, NuernbergMesse India adds, “Major Indian Cities like Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Delhi, Kolkata, Mysore and Mumbai continue to invest in PBS (Public Bike Sharing) pilots as Governmental programmes including promotion schemes and incentives, civil society support, and citizen awareness and demand for sustainable mobility are enabling the growth of the bicycle Industry in India. CFOSE in Ludhiana, 2023 will enable us to create a platform which is relevant, focused and will foster a community of organisations determined to put India on the global bicycle map”.


The upcoming edition of CFOSE is expected to attract more than 4000 buyers and will experience strong national and international participation. Organised in a B2B and B2C format, the expo facilitates buyer-seller meets and also helps build awareness and general knowledge about cycling and related equipment.


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