Rescheduling of PAINTINDIA 2022 Exhibition


Rescheduling of PAINTINDIA 2022 Exhibition

originally on 10-12 March 2022, Mumbai)

Date of Release: Monday, 10th January 2022

The PAINTINDIA 2022 Exhibition was to mark the return of in-person trade fairs as the first major event for our Coatings Industry not only in India but the world over, after the COVID pandemic struck in early 2020. As we stand just 2 months away from the scheduled event, the new Omicron variant has once again thrown up new challenges in terms of safety and business prospects, both of which are non-compromising for us at PAINTINDIA.

Hence, we have taken a conscious and measured decision to reschedule the PAINTINDIA 2022 Exhibition to the new dates of 26-28 May 2022.

The timing of the rescheduling allows industry colleagues to alter their travel plans and schedules well in advance. This choice of dates has been made keeping in mind the views of experts and authorities who feel the peak of this current wave will happen in the next 3-6 weeks, and will have almost no impact after about 12-16 weeks. This will maximise the safety of our industry colleagues, and also present the best possible opportunity for business prospects, not only within the Indian Industry but also with overseas visitors.

The venue remains the same as planned for this edition (Jio World Convention Centre, BKC, Mumbai), and it has no impact on the confirmed booths (location, size, configuration, etc.) which means that all the efforts and planning that have gone in thus far remain unaffected.

Our commitment to the Coatings Industry and allied sectors, in terms of boosting its business prospects remains undiminished, and is accompanied by sensitivity and concern for its safety and well-being. We are certain that we will return with this short rescheduling, much stronger, with a happier mindset for the Industry, and in a more robust business scenario.

We look forward to delivering a world-class PAINTINDIA 2022 Exhibition to all of you, our Industry stakeholders, in a safe environment soon, and will continue to be in touch. Till such time, let us all remain positive, take care and keep in touch. Our entire team, including the undersigned remain at hand at all times for any assistance that we could be of.


Best Regards

Dilip Raghavan

Managing Director, PAINTINDIA 2022 Exhibition and Editor-Publisher, PAINTINDIA

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